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Three Fun Things

Three Fun Things

Hello dear reader! How have you been!? I have missed you. It has taken me some time to come to terms that when one season of my life is busy, another may slow down. Here’s to striving for balance. Always. 

Writing is my first love. I used to fantasize about becoming a writer when I was little. In many ways, blogging has made that dream a reality for me. One of my New Year's "Resolutions" was to write more, even if it's not perfect.

So I'm jumping back in, and I am thrilled to be back! I want to kick off 2018 by bringing back a fun series to the blog - where I feature some of the things I have been following for the past week. Hope you enjoy. Can't wait to keep catching up with you!

Uno) On the complexities of loving romance novels:

In middle school, my Language Arts teacher had a bookshelf FULL of amazing, completely uncensored titles. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated that teacher, and the freedom I felt reading those books. While some were "age-appropriate," I know my traditional, Mexican mama would have had a heart attack if she knew what I was spending my days reading at such a "young" age. So I hid them. I distinctly remember opening up a huge textbook every day after school, and hiding whatever paperback I was greedily devouring. 

I sped through Judy Blume's Foverever, and Summer Sisters, and Lisa Carey's The Mermaids Singing. I read every single Francesca Lia Block book that had been published . I read SO many books in middle school, and in that class specifically - that I even won some kind of reading award at the end of the year. 

When I got to high school, my passion for reading certainly did not die. I added more color and flavor to my intellectual library - wherein I fell HARD for Laura, Gabriel, and Sandra, and the delicious genre that is magical realism. In college, I double majored in English and Psychology. My reading repertoire climaxed to a complex, erudite fever pitch. My brain whirred with Toni Morrison's voice, and the intersectionalities presented to us by Cherríe Moraga and Gloria Anzaldúa

And yet, part of me longed for those easy after school books - filled with passion, and lust, and love. So I picked up Jane Green's Bookends. I felt SUPER self-conscious about reading anything that was not intellectual/elevated/critical. So I mostly hid my obsession from, well, everyone. Until NOW! :)

I REALLY appreciated Ashley Ford's piece on the complicated feelings romance novels bring up for us. So many of us are so apologetic about loving them. That said, not all romance novels are created equal. While I do love a fast read, I am ALWAYS looking for titles that have diverse, dynamic characters (ESPECIALLY female ones!), and at least SOME mastery of the English language (sorry folks, I HATED both Twilight and the 50 Shades series, for lacking in both of the above).

Shout out to this site for hitting me with some great recommendations over the years, Ashley's piece for resurfacing this conversation for me (the comments felt like my people!!!), and this site for its judgement-free algorithms.

Dos) Mis tres amores


I can't wait to order one of these rings in May. Because guess what, we are having another baby!!! Now if only we could decide on a name... 

My husband sent me this link the other day, but most of these "tests" seem silly. I think everyone in my family is pretty much destined to have their names mispronounced, and most certainly misspelled at Starbucks. I have written about names before - and am still SO glad we named Ximena what we named her. Her name is beautiful, colorful, and vibrant. Just like she is. 

Wish me luck in narrowing down a name for my little SUN

Tres) Who's fanning your flame?

Loving these words, and the energy behind them. I err on the side of introversion - so I have gotten pretty good at avoiding people at all costs. I am convinced that every meme about canceled plans was created with me in mind.

But sometimes it is GOOD to be reminded that surrounding yourself with the right people is what it's ALL ABOUT. 

I am surrounded by so. manybadass. boss. chingonas. Thank goodness I get to raise my babies with these majestic creatures by my side. 

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