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Shop Small Part I

Shop Small Part I

Yesterday I discovered that my favorite sushi place in the desert closed down permanently. I used to love sitting in their cozy cafe, sipping milk tea, topped off with the best boba; luxuriating over their sticky rice and cream cheese rolls. I could sit there for hours reading or writing. I am an introvert, so I tend to avoid chatting up folks at cafes or stores I frequent. But there was something so inviting and warm about the staff there. Their easy smiles always drew me in.

I know it’s a tad melodramatic to be so upset about a restaurant closing. But this was a mom & pop cafe, and I have seen way too many of my favorite small businesses closing way too soon. So, in honor of this delightful place and the fact that there are only 29 days until Christmas (!!!), I am dedicating a post to a few of my favorite small shops today. Please share yours in the comments section of my latest instagram post!

Without further ado, and in no particular order, I give you some of my all-time favorite small shops (stay tuned for a follow-up post!):

  1. Vianney Mendez Mexican Jewelry Studio: Her jewelry is exquisite. Whenever I wear one of her necklaces, I get about a zillion compliments.

  2. Mala by Patty Rodriguez: I want all of the things in this shop. But mostly, I strive to live “Sin Miedo” all day, every day. So I obviously need this necklace.

  3. Lil’ Libros: A family favorite. We are all currently obsessed with this game.

  4. Artelexia: Gorgeously curated Mexican goods, books, home decor and more. When we visited a few summers I wanted to move in and stay forever.

  5. Chingona Definition: I am so proud of my friend, Melina. Watching her brand grow has been the coolest.

  6. Ixchel Triangle: The most gorgeous bags, ever.

  7. Ragged Tiff: I practice a true exercise in self-restraint when she releases a new line each season. I have one of her Friducha ornaments and it is favorite.

  8. Jadabugs: Love walking into a friendly face. Though I love that they carry high quality products that last FOREVER, I REALLY love that Heidi (Jadabugs’ fabulous owner) will do almost anything to help you find the item you are looking for within your price range (i.e. she has helped me find countless secondhand items for less — easy on the wallet AND the environment).

  9. Cheery Human Studios: My sweet friend from college, Kristina, is an incredibly talented graphic designer. Fun fact: she designed my logo for this blog! Her stuff is way too cute.

  10. Sabores: Three words — Gansito. Ice. Cream. 😱

  11. Fiesta Roe: Shameless plug #1. Thank you for supporting the businesses that make my family do the small business “happy dance”!

  12. Hello Esperanza Photography: A gentle reminder that I am a photographer, too! I would be honored to capture your special day, to do a mini session with you, or anything in between. Again, thank you for supporting me and my family!


    Thanks for following along! Can’t wait to hear about your favorite small businesses!

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