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Fiesta Roe

Fiesta Roe

Hi everyone! Happy hump day! I hope you have had a productive start to your week! I realize this excerpt is getting posted just a couple of weeks (!!!) later than promised, but know that my hustle game never quits, and that I have been thinking about you all. 

The last couple of nights I have been up late editing pictures. I am excited about a project I will be contributing to in partnership with the talented NoĆ© Montes. He invited a couple of local photographers to collaborate on an installation that will paint a mosaic of life in the Coachella Valley. M contribution focused on real women of the Coachella Valley. I got to photograph some amazing leaders in our community. I can't wait to share some of those photos here! As always, stay tuned. 


In any case, I wanted to take some time to share thoughts and bring those of you interested, and those of you who have been asking ALL the questions about this new venture onboard with me. I discovered LuLaRoe (LLR) a few months ago when my dear friend, Angel, invited me to a party she was hosting. Though I had heard of LLR, I had never had any real experience with it. I think I had been invited to an online pop-up once, but my Facebook is so over-saturated with invitations to pop-ups and opportunities, that I didn't pay much attention. 

Seeing the clothes in person, and getting to try it on made all the difference in the world. I. Was. Hooked. For those of you new to LuLa, like me a few months ago: LLR is a brand of clothing that is size-inclusive (sizes range from XXS-3XL, but are SUPER roomy/stretchy/etc.), and is EXTREMELY comfortable. They're widely known for their leggings, but sell shirts, dresses, and layering pieces, too. 

The way LLR works is a retailer sells the clothes from the comfort of their own home via pop-up parties (like the one I went to at Angel's house), or online through their VIP Facebook groups. I am still working on some backend technical issues, so I haven't been able to post any of my clothes for sale, but my VIP group is LIVE

I am going to answer some of the questions I have been getting pretty frequently. I want to say that from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for your support, and the outpouring of love I already feel coming at me and this little family-run business. 

Q: Is this a pyramid scheme? Are you crazy?! Run the other way!

A: It's not a pyramid scheme. Though LLR is a direct sales company, it operates more like buying your own franchise. As a retailer, you buy your own inventory at a wholesale value, then you sell it to your customers. I am being given the opportunity to run my OWN retail business, with a lot of the tools already made for me. 

Q: Why don't you start your OWN business? Create your own product?

A: I DO already have my own business! I am a writer, and a photographer, where I am the CEO, CFO, and artistic director. While I am so inspired by designers and inventors (I am obsessed with Project Runway AND Shark Tank), especially boss ladies making it happen! I am not one. I know I am good at a lot of things, but knowing what I am NOT good at is just as important. I choose to channel my energy in projects where I can thrive and grow, but also that I feel very passionate about. Right now, LLR happens to be one of them. 

Q: What will this mean for your blog/writing/photography?

A: While the internet CAN be a vortex of distraction, it has also become a place where you can wear ALL THE IDENTITIES and build entire brands out of them. I will NEVER stop writing, nor do I plan to STOP enhancing my stories with visual elements (aka photographs). This blog, especially, has become a beautiful diary for all of my interests. I have gotten SO MANY opportunities just because I share certain interests in this space. We are not singular creatures. Just as our identities are intersectional so, too, should our interests be. 

Q: What about capitalism? Don't we hate it?

A: It's complicated, isn't it? A long time ago I wrote a post about shopping small, and the importance of supporting real people, with real businesses. Well, friends: this is your opportunity to support a real person, with a real business! I am the sole proprietor at Fiesta Roe (more on why I chose to name my shop Fiesta Roe later). Even though I did not design any of the clothes, any and all sales I make literally put food on the table for my small family. I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I already am for your support. I would not be selling these clothes if I did not believe in them, and wear them all day, 'err day myself. I LOVE that LLR has a wide-range of comfortable clothes in bold colors and patterns. There is something for everyone.

That said, I do have a complicated relationship with the idea of the "American Dream," and who has access to it. Nevertheless, I will continue to fight to put people of color at the forefront. Success and financial security should not only be accessible to the white, American male. It should be accessible to everyone. 

I am tired of living in a too-small apartment. I am tired of medical bills piling up. Some may say: you went to college, why not follow that path and get a "real job". I am committed to staying home with Ximena while she is still little. Things may look different once she starts school. For now, though, I need to be home - mostly for my own sanity. My health > A traditional career.

But just because I am working from home does not mean I am less intelligent, less involved, or less capable of anything. I'm hungry and I'm chasing opportunities as they present themselves. I promise you all that I will not chase anything that does not align with my values and my commitment to my community. 

Again, THANK YOU for supporting my business ventures. Thank you for reading what I write. Thank you for checking out my photos.

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Thank you for following along. I love you all!


Women of the Coachella Valley Part I

Women of the Coachella Valley Part I

Happy Second Birthday Ximena!

Happy Second Birthday Ximena!