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Guitarras Blancas

Guitarras Blancas

"Por favor, déjenlos bailar! Por favor que nos dejen bailar!"

Who has two thumbs and got to see one of her favorite bands in concert recently? Yo' girl right here! Enanitos Verdes! It was easily one of my top 5 favorite concerts.* My partner in crime and sister, Pita, came with and though our seats were one row apart, we made it work and had a blast.

I'm still learning how to have fun and not feel guilty about it away from Ximena. It is a work in progress, but great live music definitely helps :) I am also STILL learning how to love myself, and feel fabulous in my new squishy "mom" body. Things don't fit me the way they used to - but that's okay. I feel beautiful and strong and confident (Ximena tells me I'm beautiful EVERY DAY. How freaking amazing is that?). I am learning about progress, and patience, and letting loose once in a while. 

PS: Just a friendly reminder that if you see a mother of a young child out for a "night on the town" - give her a reassuring hug. Smile at her, rub her arm, make her feel good about taking some time for herself. NEVER demonize her. NEVER frown at her in worry. She is already worried about whether her kid is asleep yet or not. 

That is all. 


*Top 5 Favorite Concerts: 

  1. Bellanova
  2. Café Tacvba
  3. Maná
  4. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  5. Enanitos Verdes
  6. Honorary mentions: Aerosmith, The Killers, Inspector, M.I.A., Vicente Fernandez, Rage Against the Machine... 

I have seen A LOT (like, an ugh-she's-so-annoying-I-can't-believe-she's-seen-them amount) of people in concert. The people on this list should be honored.

PPS: I am DYING to see La Santa Cecilia, and keep sending this event to Mario. Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge. ;)

Love you guys.


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