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Podcast Love

Podcast Love

Hello sweet friends! How are y'all doing? Since we are on a theme of "Things I like to listen to" this week, I wanted to talk a little bit about some of my favorite podcasts. As those of you who are parents know, and those who aren't might have guessed - it's hard to make time to sit and read a book, or do much of anything that takes attention away from your little one. 

No? Is my kid the only one that says "Mamí... Mamí... Mamí... Mamí!!!!" if I pick up my laptop? Reminds me of this. 🙄 I miss curling up with a book whenever I feel like it - and am actually trying to be more intentional about it. Though I look forward to the day she becomes a little more independent and I can just sit with some time to myself (that day will come, right?!) I wanted to shout out the creators of Audible and the Podcast. Pretty sure a parent invented both. ;)

Now, I can play a book, or feel super inspired by some amazing talks in the background of whatever Ximena and I are doing around the house or in the car. My best friend jokes that I'm an old lady because I like to "rock out" to people talking, especially in the car - but it really gets the job done. I find that keeping my brain busy makes me feel productive, and like I am part of a bigger conversation, with actual adults, throughout the day. I have outlined my current go-to podcasts below. I'd love to know what you are listening to, too. 



1. Super Mamás. When I was pregnant with Ximena, I found a couple of cool "mom" podcasts where women went on air and talked about their experiences with pregnancy, motherhood, etc. The episodes were great, but much like the Blogosphere - and one of the main reasons I started this blog in the first place - the voices were largely those of white, middle-to-upper class women. They shared their struggles, their woes - and while I could relate to many of them, it never felt like home. It never felt like they fully got it. When I found Super Mamás, it felt like a wave of fresh air. From the cumbia intro, to the Spanglish, to the topics! I love everything about this podcast.


2. How I Built This. My husband and I are pretty obsessed with this one. HIBT's host, Guy Raz, talks to people who came from nothing, started businesses, and grew them into whole empires. It is surprisingly inspiring - and makes me feel like I can do anything. He interviews the creators of Instagram, Spanx, the Power Rangers, and more. Listening to the "Zumba" episode really got me motivated to get back into Zumba, and not treat exercise so seriously. Why not have fun while you sweat?


3. Good Life Project. It is no secret that my dad is the cutest. He is the one that introduced me to this podcast. Host Jonathan Fields comes out with so. much. great content that it can be a little overwhelming. What's great about this platform is he alternates his long episodes with shorter, 13-minute sound-bytes of inspiration. 


4. Hidden Brain. Fun fact: One of my degrees is in Psychology. Mental health is something that is desperately important to me. This podcast dives into the world of psychology through story-telling. It's a beautiful marriage of the two, and manages to make you feel like you understand yourself/your loved ones/everyone in the context of humanity that much better.

I also tune into a few others, but not consistently: This American Life, Code Switch, Beautiful/Anonymous, The Side Hustle Show, The GaryVee Audio Experience. 

Ok, your turn. What are yours?!


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