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Fitness Friday Check-In

Fitness Friday Check-In

Hello hello hello! Congrats on making it to Friday, everyone! 

I wanted to do a quick check-in with y'all regarding overall wellness. Now that I am 29 years old (eek!), I am taking a couple of things a whole lot more seriously. I read somewhere that many people spend the first half of their lives indulgently: They drink and eat to their hearts' content, and due to a young metabolism, can largely ignore the gym. The second half of their lives, however, is then spent trying to restore and salvage what life they have left. 

Think about it: How many of your friends are all of a sudden marathon runners? How many have given up drinking or smoking? How many have started feverishly moisturizing at night? 

How many times did you roll your eyes at your parents for scolding you for staying out too late? When you're young, you feel invincible. I've talked about how having a child awoke in me a beautiful, but really morbid awareness of my own mortality. Aging has done that, too, incidentally. 

I feel like I am always posting about the next thing that I want to work on, the next goal I want to reach, how to take my fitness game to the next level... But part of finding balance and striving towards wellness, both physically and mentally, sometimes is about stepping back and admiring the work you have done, the work of your life thus far. 

If I've learned anything in my 29 years, it is that I have never felt "done," nor do I think I ever will. At my fittest and healthiest, I would look in the mirror and think "Hm, I could really stand to lose five more pounds". Frankly, it's exhausting. 


So for today, I have decided to take a step back and admire my handiwork. I have compiled a list of 29 things I am grateful and proud of my body for accomplishing thus far, unfinished business or not. 

  1. Giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. Duh.
  2. Subsequently, I am grateful for my belly. It's an ever-evolving process of self-love, especially learning to accept the squishy bits, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. 
  3. Running a full marathon, four half-marathons, and a bunch of 5K's in between.
  4. I am grateful for my lungs and their full range: sometimes they feel like they are going to burst, but don't. Thanks for not, lungs. <3
  5. Relatedly, my breath. When I am really stressed out about something, taking a couple of good deep breaths does wonders to my mood and spirit. 
  6. My legs. I actually think they are one of my best *physical* attributes. They're long, and strong. 
  7. Every time I finish a workout at Universal with no short cuts, even if I finish last. I've learned that exercise is you vs. you, not a competition against anyone else. 
  8. I am grateful for my brain: it may not have the best memory, but it sure as hell has a great imagination, and all kinds of story ideas spilling out.
  9. I am grateful for my love of cooking and trying new recipes. I actually haven't always been a great cook - it was something that I had to seek out and learn. But I am proud of all of the meals I have made for my family, and people I really care about. 
  10. I am grateful for my ever-evolving tastebuds. I can distinctly recall hating green peas, but now I can't get enough of those little green suckers. It actually makes me patient when I think about Ximena. She can be hesitant to try new foods, but I know it will not last forever!
  11. My heart for keeping my day at a steady tempo.
  12. My skin! I've always had pretty great skin. 
  13. My eyebrows. My mom always forbade me from over-plucking growing up, even when tadpole eyebrows were all the rage. As such, I've always had pretty full and fabulous brows. Thanks Mom! 
  14. My "Marilyn Monroe" lunar. Fun fact: I have a Tia and a cousin who share this cool genetic trait. 
  15. My eyes for reading and seeing all the things. Even if they need a little help sometimes. 
  16. My nose: I used to think it was "too big" as a teenager. Now I'm like "WHO CARES!"
  17. My boobs! I've never had big boobs. I may have wished they were bigger growing up (I honestly don't remember anymore), but now they have taken on a life of their own. They're my daughter's favorite drink, pacifier, source of comfort. I had NO IDEA I would be so passionate about breastfeeding, and the normalization of such before I became a mom. 
  18. My lips for rocking just about every lipstick color flawlessly, but especially red. 
  19. My hair. I have a love-hate relationship with my hair, as I'm sure most women do. Some days it's too long, some days it's too short. But today I am gonna pull a Goldilocks and remind myself that it is just right.
  20. My feet. I thought my feet were too big growing up. The display shoes were always these tiny size 6's that looked so cute; then when the sales person brought out my big ass size 10's, they would look like huge sail boats in comparison. As with everything, I know the media fetishizes the small and petite. But I wouldn't be me without my giant feet, and I wouldn't be able to get down on the dance floor like I do without them. 
  21. My hands, for trying to keep up with my brain and writing down all the things.
  22. My ears! I love listening to my daughter's laugh. It sounds like a cascade of bubbles bursting everywhere. I also love that I can listen to anything from Bob Marley to Los Tigeres del Norte to basically any audio book my heart desires. Right now I'm listening to Anthony Kiedis' (of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, one of my favorite bands) Scar Tissue. It's really good.
  23. My sense of humor. It is probably no surprise to those who know me that I am an introvert. This makes me come off as shy when I first meet you. Once I get to know you, though, I will open up and make sure that we have at least four solid inside jokes :)
  24. My inner old lady. She keeps me safe, she keeps me warm, she keeps me comfortable :)
  25. My curiosity. 
  26. My perseverance. Sometimes it can be a bit of a hindrance because I stick with things far longer than I should (relationships, jobs, etc.). But mostly, it's served me well, and has gotten me through some pretty tough times. 
  27. Being a woman. Shit's tough, but I have never been so proud to be a #bosslady, and to be surrounded by such amazing, talented, intelligent, beautiful women.
  28. My Latina-ness. I love my brown skin, the bi-cultural nature of my life, and the two languages that I navigate on a daily basis.
  29. Being unapologetic about who I am and where I am.

Here I am in all of my post-birthday-workout resplendent glory. I almost DIDN'T post this because my gut response was "OMG, gross." But then I reminded myself that I worked out #likeaboss, that I lived to see another day and another year, and that I have SO much to be grateful for. 

Today's post has been brought to you by Universal Fitness Center. Thank you for supporting the businesses and people that make Hello Esperanza possible. <3


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