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Crushin' Some Goals

Crushin' Some Goals

I’ve heard athletes say the phrase “I leave it all out on the ____.” The blank is usually something to the effect of “field” or “court” or “pavement”. I never understood that phrase until I started group workouts at Coachella Universal Training Center. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I have recently recommitted to a health journey. Everyday I strive to be better for my family, and my daughter, especially.

She needs me SO MUCH right now. After she was born, I became acutely aware of my mortality (how morbid, I know). I can’t help think that I will not physically be here for her forever, and I know that every choice I make for how I treat my body also affects her: It affects her directly - because she watches my every move, mimicking me, eating what I eat, (attempting) to do exercise when I do exercise. And also indirectly, because I am literally lessening my time with her every time I make a poor health decision. 

Admittedly, after I had her, it was increasingly difficult for me to get back into exercise. Those around me were shocked: But you’ve run marathons! You can do ANYTHING after a marathon. You should be able to bounce right back! .......

I DO love to run. I DO miss those days where I used to be able to run miles upon miles without a care in the world, but it's just not that easy anymore!

So in an effort to be more proactive about my health and fitness levels, I went back to the place where I felt I grew the most athletically. Universal is where I grew both in confidence and in strength.

Since my last check-in (just a little over a month ago), I have lost 10lbs, I can officially run two miles again without dying, and my old clothes are starting to fit me again! I am sleeping better, I have more energy, and I just feel good. I walk a little taller, I am more eager to get dressed and do my hair in the mornings. 

The group training (modeled after Crossfit gyms) that we do at Universal is NOT easy. I almost passed out my first time back after an almost-two year hiatus. Luckily, there are so many experienced trainers there that help you modify the movements to your strength and ability, all while also PUSHING you. I cannot tell you how much their encouragement helps me keep going when I wouldn't otherwise be able to. 

I've been to so many group fitness classes where the expectation is that you do the minimum to "tone". Universal has HIGH expectations of everyone, and more often than not its members rise to meet, if not surpass, them. 

It is also super awesome to know that all I need to do is carve out one hour. I know that perhaps that doesn't sound like a lot of time, but BELIEVE ME one hour is basically a whole week in mom years. M started a new job teaching math after school at COD a couple times a week. While this throws our family's schedule and my gym time off a little bit, we make it work. It just means I have to be even more intentional about carving out time to work out and sticking to it. 

Mom guilt is still a thing for me (when will it stop?!), and some days I still I feel SO GUILTY leaving Ximena crying to go to the gym. I know she will be ok, that she is always in safe hands - either with her Papi ("Pi") or Abuelita ("Ta"). I always have to remind myself that being the best version of me benefits all of us, and especially Ximena.

Thank you, Universal for helping me get back on track, and for making me feel like I can do (and lift) anything! If you are local to the Coachella Valley, and want to try out a few sessions for free, please visit their website for a schedule of classes, or their Facebook page for more information. 

Shout out to my BFF  @jazzedupjazzy  for this shirt. 

Shout out to my BFF @jazzedupjazzy for this shirt. 

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