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First: Trip to the Beach!

First: Trip to the Beach!


Happy Monday friends! This weekend we had the chance to take X Baby to the beach for the first time. We tagged along with my parents, as everyone wanted to be a part of the super special moment when X's chubby toes touched sand + ocean for the first time.


This part of parenthood is so fun + exciting. Experiencing "firsts" through Ximena's eyes is so magical: When she first tasted peaches, her eyes opened so wide and she let out a big "Mmm!" The first time her feet touched the sand, she started clapping and squealing with delight.   


She really loves bath time and the pool, so we kept telling her this was a BIG baƱito. She was super into it. In fact, she really wanted us to let her go so she could explore the water on her own. 


Sometimes, I get caught up in the stress of not having extra (I'm actually working on a post about this. I struggle to remove myself, and be critical of the mommy-industrial-complex and the pitfalls of Insta-motherhood; there is SO much to buy that will give us the illusion of feeling fabulous/like we are adequate mothers. Too often we feel less so because we do not yet own things + cannot afford things. Stay tuned...) but being at the beach, sand in toes, salty wind in hair, listening to my baby's laughter crackle along with the waves? Let's just say all of that melts away a little bit.


They say the ocean is healing. I'll let you in on a little secret: I'm actually afraid of massive bodies of water. And I've never really been a water person. But there really is something to say about being surrounded by vast natural spaces. 


Ximena had such a good time with all of her favorite people: her parents, her grandparents, her tia and cousins... She has a water spirit (so strange to me), but I look forward to feeding that spirit and nurturing her need to explore these watery spaces. 


Until next time, friends! Have a beautiful week.


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