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Baby Essentials

Baby Essentials

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1. The Ergo has saved me so, so many times. Ximena hated being worn at the beginning. Now she knows it's an opportunity to be close to mamí while mamí is busy. We have had so many dance parties, naps, and productive moments thanks to the Ergo. I have actually developed quite a collection of different baby carriers - let me know if you guys want reviews.

2. Who would have thought that a little white noise machine would have made such a difference? White noise helps recreate the noise that babies are exposed to in the womb (the whooshing and static of your heartbeat). This one projects sweet images of sea creatures onto the ceiling. 

3. We have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this stroller. Love, in that we love everything about it: what a smooth ride it is for Ximena, how much space we have, how we can JOG with it. Hate, in that the hubby and I have tiny cars, so it barely fits in either of them. 

4. At around 2 or 3 months, Ximena broke out with a bad case of baby acne/eczema. We tried everything: Aveeno, Johnson's, Eucerin… This was the only thing that worked paired with their eczema cream and some coconut oil. It is pricey (we joke that it is Ximena’s Lancôme), but absolutely worth it if your baby's skin is sensitive, too.

5. If you are going to read any parenting book it should be this one. Nobody talks about the trauma the baby faces after birth. What an adjustment it must be for those little ones to come from such a warm, cozy place to a great big, loud world. This offers the best suggestions on how to make it a gentle transition.

6. I'll admit that I felt a little silly reading to Ximena when she was a tiny baby. She wasn't paying attention! But actually, I really think she might have been. I have been reading to her since literally I found out about her, and I think it has made all the difference: she LOVES reading, and will pick up a given book and point her chubby little finger around the pages. This was a refreshing, colorful BILINGUAL option.

7. I don't know what I would have done without this pillow. Seriously. I am literally typing this as she sleeps on the pillow, on my lap, and she is almost one year old! 

8. I was a little late to the Nose Frida game, but man oh man does it get those boogers! Way, way better than any hospital-grade nose bulb. 

9. I love my Covered Goods scarf. I use it as a fashion accessory, a breastfeeding cover, a shopping cart cover, a car seat cover… 

10. For the first few months, the only way Ximena would fall asleep is if I bounced with her on an exercise ball. I had a rocking chair, a baby swing, a little baby hammock. This was, strangely, the only thing that worked. 

11. Burt’s Bees makes the softest, organic baby clothes. I always found it at Target. <3

12. One of the most common things I hear women who have a hard time breastfeeding complain about is how much it hurt. This nipple butter really helps relieve chafed nipples. 


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Welcome August!

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