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Birthday Weekend Countdown, Ergobaby Tribute & Treating Yo' Self

Birthday Weekend Countdown, Ergobaby Tribute & Treating Yo' Self

Hola amigas! Happy Friday! And what an exciting Friday it is - the Friday before my birthday! #BirthdayWeekend #WhatWhat! I always love this time of year because it is the best time to reflect, to see how much I've grown, and to set intentions for the year - it's like my own private New Year :) I'll be sharing some of those intentions next week.

Unfortunately, I've been home trying to nurse a sick Ximena back to health the last few days. Having a sick baby at home is awful on so many accounts - who wants their kid to be sick!? - but I definitely am cherishing all of the mamí cuddles she has been asking for. 

PS: I have received an overwhelming outpouring of love and support for my first Mamá Crush post. Thank you all! I can't wait to share my next one. Stay tuned ;)

Until then, here are some of this weeks links...

I know I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Thank God for Ergobaby. I always knew I was going to be a passionate baby wearer. Ironically, Ximena HATED baby carriers the fist few months of her life. Now she literally cries to be put in one so that she can be up close to mama. <3

This awesome mama is advocating that we teach girls about sexuality and pleasure to move beyond "just impersonating sexiness." Definitely food for thought as X-baby grows up. 

Listening to girls’ litany of disembodied early experiences,” she writes, “it sometimes struck me that we’d performed the psychological equivalent of a clitoridectomy on our daughters: as if we believed, somehow, that by hiding the truth from them (that sex, including oral sex and masturbation, can and should feel fabulous) that they won’t find out, and so will stay ‘pure.’

12 Increíble Bilingual Spanish/English apps and websites for kids because the bilingual struggle can be so real.

Going to make a pointed effort to look to these ideas. 23 ways to treat yo' self without buying or eating anything. All too often I find myself at Target justifying purchases with "Well I worked hard this week. I deserve it." 

I needed this. When all you feel is guilt: A letter to new working moms.

Have a good one, ladies!




Mamá Crush Miercoles: Megan Beaman Jacinto

Mamá Crush Miercoles: Megan Beaman Jacinto