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Have a Great Weekend!

Have a Great Weekend!


Hey y'all! What are your plans for the weekend? I'm traveling out to LA to visit my best friend today, and we are getting our eyebrows done by the Kelly Baker team. We have both been "growing out" our eyebrows for some time, and it has NOT been pretty. We can't wait! Then on Saturday we are going to a dear friend's wedding! Sunday, looks like brunch, a picnic and the last of Polo Sundays before the insanity that is Coachella Fest hits our little Valley. For someone who prides herself on being an introverted hermit, this is quite a jam-packed weekend! I promise to report back to see if X (my super awesome sidekick in almost all things) and I survive!

Until then, here are some links from around the web...

I love Gina Rodriguez

"It was so nice, you know?” she told me. “A lot of people thought it was fake. It was nice to prove them wrong.” Hell, yeah. Get it girl

Can someone please tell me when this is happening? I literally got goosebumps when I saw the announcement last year. C'mon people, it's already 2016! We are waiting...

Amanda Gibby Peters is a Feng Shui expert. This is a fantastic expert from her blog

the front door is where opportunity finds you. what is yours saying?

closets, when cluttered, reflect our inability to deal with unfinished business. clutter is postponed decision making.

when a kitchen is overcome by clutter, it suggests overwhelm for taking care of others. and there is usually resentment simmering just under the surface.

a messy desk can mean feeling overextended with a fear of letting things go.

if a bedside table is a mess, there is a desire to get away. and it’s not uncommon to feel a perpetual roadblock when trying to make changes.

when there is chaos behind the door, it speaks to stifled emotions.

hiding stuff under furniture often means there is a concern over appearances.

overburdened attics tend to create a feeling of additional weight on the shoulders while a burgeoning basement says there is difficulty progressing forward.

and chaos in the garage is synonymous with procrastination — it may even signal urgent matters are turning into crises.

when everything is cloaked in clutter, it is common to feel overwhelmed, angry, and in denial.

there is a chinese proverb that says the person who moves a mountain begins by carrying small stones.

so, instead of de-cluttering an entire house in a weekend, identify the most acute source of frustration. and that space becomes your starting point. the beautiful thing about shui is simply cleaning + rearranging even the smallest space allows refreshments into your life. the vibrational quality of your house shifts + your energy is revitalized. and pretty soon, there is a balanced energy slaloming through your home.

when we hold onto stuff we don’t need, use, or even want, we are really saying we don’t think life will get better. i think you deserve something much better than that — don’t you? start small, reclaim your space + trust your instincts, and i promise, you will fall in love with your life. xo”

Have a good one!

Credits//Art: Found on Tumblr.


Oh What a Wonderful Weekend

Oh What a Wonderful Weekend

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