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A Very Harry Halloween

A Very Harry Halloween

It is no secret that I love Halloween. That my whole family loves Halloween. This year was awesome because Ximena is just a little older. She loved seeing all the babies (she calls all kids, no matter their age babies) come to the door, she loved seeing us all in costume. I had been prepping her by reading her stories about Halloween. This year I drew inspiration from Harry Potter. I miss the days surrounding the excitement of the book releases. My sisters and I would go to the midnight releases... people were usually dressed up. This kind of brought some of that magic back. <3


I made most of our costumes. I made Mario/Hagrid's vest and belt. Mine is actually my college graduation robe with a Gryffindor patch from Hot Topic sewn onto it. I got a tie and my wand from a Halloween store. I made ALL of Ximena's Hedwig costume. They don't carry owl costumes at the Halloween store in her size. I took it as a challenge! 


I'll admit I procrastinated a bit in making these costumes. I always wait until the last minute! So there I was the week leading up to Halloween, scrambling every night after I put Ximena to sleep. 


This resulted in a grumpy me during the day. I was tired, I was getting sick, our house was getting messy because I was focused on costume-making, and to top it off Ximena kept waking up at 4am. It felt like my head hit the pillow and minutes later it was basically time to get up. 


But then I started listening to Magnolia Story on Audible while I worked late into the night (I think some of you know my obsession with Fixer Upper???). Joanna talks about being grateful through each and every stage. It's easy to be in a bad mood when you haven't had proper rest. It's hard to be grateful and count your blessings when your eyes feel like they are on FIRE, and your brain feels like MUSH. 


BUT it was worth it. Ximena is actually really into owls. If you ask her "Como le hacen los tecolotes?" She hoots for you. I think she has a couple of books with pictures of owls. She was also super into her feathers. She kept staring at them and touching them with her chubby fingers. 


In all, we take Halloween very seriously in this family. Check out some of the other costumes below. From left: Bugs & Lola Bunny from Space Jam, a scary monster bunny, Harry, Hagrid, a witch, Hedwig, a butterfly, a scary bear, and a steampunk lady!3ee


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